What Jobs Can You Get With a Business Administration Degree?

Business administration degrees remain a top choice among those just starting college and adults returning to complete their college education. A bachelor’s in business administration is flexible enough to allow you to work in any industry, anywhere, and earn competitive pay. There are no limits to where a business administration degree can take your career. Below is a roster of seven top jobs for business administration degree holders.

Marketing Manager

  • Job: With your business administration degree, you can dive in as a marketing manager. You might manage marketing for an entire company, just an arm of the organization or a specific product or line.
  • Duties: Marketing managers develop print, digital, radio, television or social media ad campaigns, or they oversee a team that does. They also might assess the marketability of proposed products.
  • Salary: Salary in this career path varies by industry and experience, but the median wage earned by marketing managers is about $129k.

Financial Officer

  • Job: Financial officer is a common position for someone with a business administration degree. This job can include positions such as accounting manager, finance manager or budget manager.
  • Duties: Depending on the role, you would engage in analysis of financial reports, budget projections, investment activities and other aspects related to decision-making about company finances.
  • Salary: This position averages $89k in salary, but factors such as location, duties required, industry and experience can increase earning potential.

Administration Services Manager

  • Job: You may think this position sounds broad, and you’d be right. The nature of the position and duties can range widely depending on the organization, industry and how many people you supervise.
  • Duties: Typically, the role oversees a team that facilitates necessities for the company. These necessities can include managing records, overseeing facilities and internal supply acquisition, among other things.
  • Salary: This lesser-known position has a healthy salary with an average pay of $103k. It has an excellent job outlook with no signs of the position phasing out.

Sales Manager

  • Job: With a prior sales experience, getting a could leapfrog you straight into management.
  • Duties: As a sales manager, you would set quotas, manage and motivate your sales staff, assign territories, analyze sales reports and participate in company decision making.
  • Salary: This position has a median salary of $105-115k, according to reported employer data.

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Human Resources Manager

  • Job: Getting a degree can help you move up in your Human Resources career.
  • Duties: As an HR manager, you’d oversee recruiting, hiring, termination, benefits and all aspects of workforce management in conjunction with other department heads.
  • Salary: Human resources managers with a business degree start at about $60k but earn a median annual salary of $100k. Salary for this position depends on experience, industry and tenure.

Logistics Manager

  • Job: Logistics managers work in supply chain management. They keep projects and employees on track.
  • Duties: A logistics manager oversees a staff that monitors and controls logistical support in an organization, ensuring efficient storage and distribution of raw materials and finished goods.
  • Salary: While there are many factors that determine a logistics manager’s salary, the median pay is about $108k.

Medical and Health Services Manager

  • Job: This administration position is in medical and healthcare facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes and medical and dental practices, among others.
  • Duties: While they don’t dabble in patient care, health services managers coordinate medical services to keep the office running. They can manage single departments or entire facilities.
  • Salary: This growing field offers a salary close to $100k, on average. It’s a strong field with low unemployment among experienced professionals.

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