Exploring the Healthcare Field: 5 Best Healthcare Jobs

One of the most exciting aspects of a career in healthcare administration and management is the full range of possibilities you can pursue. Each option seems more appealing and lucrative than the last. With the proper education and experience, you can even rise to the top as CEO. Here are just a handful of the best healthcare jobs available to you with a degree in healthcare administration and management.

5 Best Healthcare Jobs

5. Health Insurance Specialist

One of the best healthcare jobs for entry-level professionals, health insurance specialists work directly with patients to ensure that medical procedures and office visits are being accurately represented and reported to insurance agencies. In this role, you would meet directly with patients to discuss the procedures for reporting claims to insurance carriers if necessary, as well as determine payment plans for services rendered.

Specific duties include:

  • Working alongside medical coders and claims processors
  • Overseeing employees responsible for submitting claims to insurance providers
  • Meeting with patients to put together payment plans
  • Facilitating communications between insurance carriers and healthcare providers

Health insurance specialists are vital to the financial sector of the medical field. In addition to expertise on the ever-shifting status of health insurance from a policy standpoint, the position requires you to have an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology and proper healthcare coding. Health insurance specialists can expect to earn $35,900 as an average annual salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Most organizations require that applicants hold at least a bachelor’s level degree to be considered for the position.

4. Social and Community Support Manager

Community health is a rapidly expanding segment of the medical field. As a social and community support manager, you would work alongside doctors, support staff, and outside community support services to ensure that programs and resources encourage healthy behaviors throughout the community. The variety of these programs can include those specific to educational institutions or for those serving public health in general.

Specific duties include:

  • Overseeing employee performance
  • Hiring and training new employees
  • Handling referrals and complaints
  • Partnering with other agencies
  • Developing and implementing new policies

Companies and organizations in both the public and private sectors will rely upon your specialized knowledge to provide insight into different individualized health-oriented practices that will contribute to overall healthier lifestyles for the public. Professionals in this specialization earn $64,100 per year on average, according to the BLS. Most employers require you have at least a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration before applying for a position as a social and community support manager.

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3. Training and Development Manager

Healthcare administration specialists serve a vital function in a wide variety of aspects of the medical field. Properly training the non-stop influx of new medical professionals requires medical facilities to employee training and development managers to develop, refine, and implement essential training practices.

Specific duties include:

  • Providing leadership to trainers
  • Choosing the types of materials used in training
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training materials
  • Analyzing and adopting budgets for training resources

Managers provide new employees entering the workforce with essential training materials, plus on the job training that will contribute to more effective workers overall. As a training and development managers, you would be vital to the success of the healthcare professionals of tomorrow. According to the BLS, training and development managers can earn $108,250 per year on average. This salary range makes this a highly sought position for those with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, which is the minimum requirement.

2. Human Resource Manager

Servings as a specialist in both healthcare and employee management, a degree in healthcare administration is a perfect fit to become a human resource (HR) manager, one of the best healthcare jobs available. Working in hospitals and other medical facilities, you would assist employees with issues relating to benefits, pay, and training.

Specific duties include:

  • Overseeing implementation of employee benefits enrollment
  • Ensuring employees receive answers from HR professionals
  • Recruiting, hiring, and firing of workers
  • Provide general support to improve worker efficiency

HR managers provide “boots on the ground” support to employees in medical facilities. The estimated annual income for this position is $110,120 per year, according to the BLS, although salaries vary depending on location and experience. Although the minimum requirement to be an HR manager is a bachelor’s degree, extensive experience is expected. Some organizations require a master’s degree if the applicant does not have enough previous experience.

1. Hospital CEO

One of the highest positions attainable at the administrative level in a hospital is that of hospital Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Hospital CEOs usually have years of experience and are considered experts in the sector of healthcare administration.

Specific duties include:

  • Ensuring patient safety and security
  • Improving patient satisfaction
  • Communicating with the media and public
  • Maintaining financial stability
  • Taking responsibility for all facets of operations

The position of a hospital’s CEO is one of the most high-profile jobs in medical facilities. As one, you would manage and guide all departments, and you would oversee the entire operation of a hospital or medical facility. Because the position includes the business and medical aspects of the medical field, applicants with experience in both disciplines are usually first to be considered. As a CEO, you are responsible for areas including business, patient care, and any other priorities that are vital to the success of a medical facility. Hospital CEOs earn approximately $168,346 per year, according to respondents on Payscale.

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These are just a handful of the numerous career paths available with a degree in healthcare management, and medical breakthroughs and the changing economy signal the continued growth of healthcare. According to the BLS, the healthcare industry is expected to grow 18 percent by 2026, making it the fastest-growing occupational field. Whether you’re interested in the business aspects of the industry or have always dreamed of managing your own healthcare team, the industry needs dedicated professionals like you more than ever before.

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