What You’ll Make: Software Engineer Salary

Software engineering is a special type of software development that focuses on the scientific and technical aspects of software creation. Working on development teams that create new computer programs, software engineers serve as architects with a big-picture perspective. Patient people with good time management and communication skills can make successful software engineers.

What Does a Software Engineer Do?

Software engineers develop the applications users run on individual computers and mobile devices. They may also create the systems that control the networks or provide the underlying system for the device. These professionals typically design each piece of a system and determine how those individual pieces fit together into one unified system. Then, they test that system and make adjustments as necessary to improve the new software’s performance.

Applications software developers create programs, databases, and tools for consumers, either for public sale or private corporate use. Systems software developers design operating systems and build interfaces for personal computers, mobile devices, and even automobiles.

What Salary Does a Software Engineer Earn?

A software engineer salary can vary between $59,398 – $122,712, according to Payscale, but salaries fluctuate between entry-level professionals who may lack skills in cutting-edge tools and advanced engineers. Other factors affecting salaries in the software developing field include location, industry, and experience.

Location: Software engineering jobs are available at employers across the country, but growth rates and median salaries vary widely by location. States such as California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, and Washington are home to large technology sectors and employ many software engineers. Along with the District of Columbia and Maryland, they also offer some of the field’s highest wages.

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Industry: Software engineers develop products for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. They also work in the health and medical insurance sectors to create new, secure databases to store patient information. Some work in consumer electronics, and others help build software systems for major government contractors, such as Boeing, Cerner and GEHA. According to a survey of salaries among tech employees, the transportation industry offered the most competitive salaries to tech workers. Following closely behind were companies in the education, communications, and retail industries.

Experience: As in many fields, experience adds considerable value to a software engineer salary. Payscale reported software engineers’ salaries increase over time, as much as 29 percent more. Experienced engineers can move to higher paying roles as senior software engineers, principal software engineers, or software engineering directors.

What Education and Experience Does Software Engineering Require?

Almost all software engineers hold at least a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field such as computer science or software engineering. These degrees usually require 120 credits and take two to four years to complete. Coursework includes object-oriented programming in C#, database management systems, and program language systems along with an array of general education courses. Most bachelor’s degrees in software engineering also include an internship and a capstone in their curriculum.

U.S. News & World Report ranked software developer as the number 1 technology job, number 1 STEM job, and number 1 best job in the country. Earning an online software engineering degree is the first step to getting started in this creative, fast-growing, and lucrative career. Avila University offers a fully online B.S. in software engineering, which equips students for roles such as software engineer, information systems manager, and video game developer. The 120-credit program takes between two and four years to complete.

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