B.S. in Healthcare Management

Discover what it takes to be a leader in the rapidly growing healthcare industry.

Degree Details

  • Estimated completion time: 2-4 years
  • 120 credit hours minimum are required to graduate
  • $472 per credit hour
  • Next Start Date: April 29, 2019

Degree Overview

Medical breakthroughs and the changing economy signal the continued growth of healthcare. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is expected to grow 18% from 2016 to 2026, making it the fastest-growing occupational field. With this growth, thousands of new careers and a higher demand for qualified healthcare experts are expected to emerge. Whether you’re interested in the business aspects of the industry or have always dreamed of managing your own healthcare team, the industry needs dedicated professionals like you more than ever before. Expand your potential and prepare for your dream job with Avila University’s online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management degree program.

Enhance your knowledge of the healthcare industry and become an expert in management through courses focused on topics such as organizational behavior, proposal writing techniques, micro and macroeconomics, statistical analysis and much more.

Avila University understands that many students have responsibilities that come before earning a degree. To keep every student motivated to learn and being mindful of life’s obligations, Avila has ensured a variety of flexible and easily accessible courses through its online healthcare management degree program. Web access to every course, helpful study resources and exclusive tutoring opportunities help ensure that you’ll never have to travel to campus to attend class, or miss an assignment deadline due to a lack of time. A successful healthcare management career awaits you with Avila University.

Who Is This Degree For?

Avila’s online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management degree program is designed to support a variety of students with diverse career goals. Students who will reap the most benefits from this program include:

  • Those currently working in healthcare who would like to advance to management positions
  • Those with a background in healthcare who want to pursue a degree
  • Those who want to transition to a new career in a rapidly growing field

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Course Information

  • Healthcare Management Related Curriculum

    Course #
    Course Name
    HC/NU 456
    Informatics OR
    AR 271
    Media Design
    EN 112
    Composition II*
    PY 101
    General Psychology*
  • Healthcare Management Professional Studies Core Curriculum

    Course #
    Course Name
    BU 321
    BU 322
    Organizational Behavior & Development
    CO 212
    Conflict Resolution *
    CO 213
    Strategic Presentation
    CO 321
    Leadership *
    EC 202
    Principles of Microeconomics * OR
    EC 203
    Principles of Macroeconomics * OR
    IS 203
    Economics of Good & Evil*
    EC 240
    Statistical Analysis
    PL 255
    PY 373
    Diversity in the Workplace
    CO 312
    Writing Plans & Proposals*
  • Healthcare Management Concentration Curriculum

    Course #
    Course Name
    BU 323
    Human Resources Management OR
    BU 350
    Data Science
    HC 305
    Healthcare Policy: US & Global
    HC 310
    Healthcare for the Elderly
    HC 320
    Managed Healthcare
    HC 330
    Organization of Healthcare Services
    HC 335
    Healthcare Planning and Marketing
    HC 340
    Legal Aspects of Healthcare
    HC 499
    Strategic Management for Healthcare Managers

*Can meet core curriculum, as well as major requirements.


Avila University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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Career Outcomes

Avila’s online healthcare management degree is designed to help students succeed in a variety of careers within the field. The following are three examples of careers that healthcare management graduates pursue after graduation.

  • Healthcare Manager

    A healthcare manager ensures that a health facility is prepared to meet the needs of its community in a fiscally responsible manner. This professional is responsible for conducting research on the area’s health trends to determine the quantity of medical supplies and number of staff the facility will need. In addition, they also oversee expenses as they are split between the facility’s departments.

    What is Healthcare Management?
  • Hospital Administrator

    A necessary role for all major medical institutions, a hospital administrator oversees daily operations of an entire facility. An administrator is also responsible for ensuring the facility maintains a stable financial state and all human resource operations are conducted correctly.

    How to Launch Your Hospital Administrator Career
  • Health Information Manager

    The main responsibility of professionals in this position involves orchestrating the flow of information through a hospital, private practice office, or other healthcare facility. This includes ensuring each department has access to necessary information, and that all patient information is secured according to privacy laws.

    What is Health Information Management?

Benefits of Learning Online

It’s no secret that advanced career opportunities and greater earning potential accompany a college degree. It’s also no secret that completing a college degree, whether graduate or undergraduate, is challenging. Choosing an online degree offers you the freedom and flexibility to overcome life’s obstacles and find career success.

Avila University’s online degree programs were designed with busy students in mind. Through degree programs offered completely online, students are never required to travel to campus to attend classes. Instead, students can complete coursework on their own time and at their own pace, wherever life takes them.

The Avila Difference

  • Service to Society

    We believe the world is unfinished and that our students will make responsible, lifelong contributions to the global community. Each year, our students volunteer more than 140,000 hours to community service projects.

  • Quality Academics

    We emphasize inclusive learning and embrace individuality.

  • Development of Leaders

    We believe the real strengths of leadership are in collaborative accomplishment and genuine caring.

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