Master of Arts in Education - Teaching and Learning

Gain the skills necessary to improve your classroom and enhance the student experience.

Degree Details

  • Complete your degree in as little as two years
  • 33 credit hours are required to graduate
  • $505 per credit hour
  • Next Start Date: June 3, 2019

Degree Overview

As advanced technologies become available, traditional teaching methods are rapidly progressing and adapting to reach new generations of students. Keep up with trending educational methods that are proven to work. Improve your knowledge of innovative education tools, enhance the experience of your students and become a master teacher with Avila University’s new online Teaching and Learning master’s degree program.

As a student, you’ll gain a better understanding of different learning styles while expert educators present you with the latest research on behavioral theories, teaching methods and new technologies that were created to improve your classroom. Through courses focusing on a variety of distinctive topics including student motivation techniques, mental health issues in the classroom, project-based learning and advanced curriculum development, you’ll become the teacher your students will never forget.

By earning an online master’s degree in Teaching and Learning with Avila University, you’ll be equipped to climb the career ladder as an educator, specialize in diverse classroom settings, and effectively teach students of all backgrounds and intellectual levels. Because this program was designed with working K-12 teachers in mind, you’ll have the flexibility to access your coursework online and complete your degree on your own time in as little as two years.

Who Is This Degree For?

Avila’s online Master of Education in Teaching and Learning degree program is designed to support working teachers striving to enhance their careers. Educators who will reap the benefits from this program include:

  • Current teachers striving to obtain a master’s degree to advance to a new position or to meet school district standards
  • New teachers interested in employment in culturally diverse institutions or specialized learning facilities
  • New bachelor’s degree holders who want to enter the workforce as an educational leader

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Course Information

  • Course #
    Course Name
    ED 603
    Student Motivation and Engagement
    ED 604
    Trauma & Mental Health Issues in the K-12 Classroom
    ED 611
    Technology’s Impact on the Classroom
    ED 615
    Theories of Learning
    ED 617
    Theories of Behavior
    ED 620
    Rethinking Learning Spaces
    ED 623
    Project-Based Learning in a Digital Environment
    ED 630
    Advanced Curriculum
    ED 684
    Effective Instruction
    ED 689
    Research Methods in Education
    ED 600-Level


Avila University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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Career Outcomes

Graduates of Avila’s online Teaching and Learning master’s program have numerous teaching career opportunities. Though many graduates often pursue advanced teaching opportunities, earning a master’s degree can significantly enhance your abilities and success as a teacher in your current classroom.

Benefits of Learning Online

It’s no secret that advanced career opportunities and greater earning potential accompany a college degree. It’s also no secret that completing a college degree, whether graduate or undergraduate, is challenging. Choosing an online degree offers you the freedom and flexibility to overcome life’s obstacles and find career success.

Avila University’s online degree programs were designed with busy students in mind. Through degree programs offered completely online, students are never required to travel to campus to attend classes. Instead, students can complete coursework on their own time and at their own pace, wherever life takes them.

The Avila Difference

  • Student Support

    You'll have access to career and support services.

  • Faculty

    Our instructors have real-world experience and provide one-on-one attention.

  • Flexibility and Convenience

    All courses are accessible anytime with multiple start dates.

  • Networking

    We help our students connect and network with other working professionals, both as classmates and instructors.

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