B.S. in Software Engineering

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Degree Details

  • Estimated completion time: 2-4 years
  • 120 credit hours minimum are required to graduate
  • $472 per credit hour
  • Next Start Date: April 29, 2019

Degree Overview

Businesses in every industry rely on software technologies to aid its employees in keeping electronic records, processing payroll, submitting client orders and much more. As the need for new software increases, so will the number of available software engineering careers. According to the United States Bureau of Labor statistics, the number of these careers is expected to increase by 24 percent between 2016 and 2026. With this drastic surge on the horizon, now is the perfect time to earn your software engineering education with Avila University.

Avila University’s fully online Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering degree program provides an advanced curriculum designed to ensure students develop the skills they need to succeed in the professional tech world. As a student, you’ll receive instruction from expert professors with years of experience, along with exclusive access to a variety of online resources, including tutoring opportunities and an extensive eLibrary.

In addition, you will also receive experiential opportunities to strengthen your knowledge of web page design and the right information to gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals of programming, technical systems analysis, data structures, management systems and more. And because all courses are available online, you can complete your degree at your own pace from wherever it’s convenient for you. Your dreams of becoming a software engineer await you at Avila.

Who Is This Degree For?

Avila’s online Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering degree program is designed to support students pursuing creative careers in technology. Students who will reap the most benefits from this program include:

  • Those currently employed by a technology company who would like to advance into a new position
  • Those with tech experience who want to expand their knowledge and increase their career potential
  • Those who want to transition to a new career in a rapidly growing field

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Course Information

  • Software Engineering Major Core Requirements

    Course #
    Course Name
    CS 210
    S1 Navigating Digital Society
    CS 120
    Introduction to CS I
    CS 222
    Data Structures
    SF 195
    Introduction to Computer Careers
    CS 166
    Object Oriented Programming in Java
    CS 314
    Advanced OOP in Java
    CS 346
    Foundations of Computing
    SF 495
    SF 499
    EN 112
    Composition II
  • Software Engineering Major Requirements

    Course #
    Course Name
    CS 201
    Software Engineering
    CS 365
    Program Language Systems
    CS 321
    SF 315
    Operating Systems
    SF 340
    Database Management Systems
    SF 350
    Systems Analysis & Design
    CS 165
    Object Oriented Programming in C#
    CS 313
    Advanced Object Oriented Programming in C#
    CS 170
    Web Page Design
    CS 319
    Web Page Programming


Avila University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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Career Outcomes

Avila’s online software engineering degree is designed to help students succeed in a creative position within the field of technology. The following are three examples of careers that software engineering graduates pursue after graduation.

  • Software Engineer

    Professional software engineers work closely with graphic designers to develop computer tools and programs. Thorough knowledge of coding languages and operating systems are required for success in this role.

    How to Become a Software Engineer
  • Information Systems Manager

    The professional in this role is responsible for developing a company’s technical plans, including equipment updates and transitions into new software. He or she must develop a tech budget and conduct research before choosing new tech products and software.
  • Video Game Developer

    This position allows tech professionals to apply their creative skills to new video game graphics and concepts. Video game developers often work directly with graphic designers to perfect the finished product, and also conduct market research to ensure the game will be successful on the market.

Benefits of Learning Online

It’s no secret that advanced career opportunities and greater earning potential accompany a college degree. It’s also no secret that completing a college degree, whether graduate or undergraduate, is challenging. Choosing an online degree offers you the freedom and flexibility to overcome life’s obstacles and find career success.

Avila University’s online degree programs were designed with busy students in mind. Through degree programs offered completely online, students are never required to travel to campus to attend classes. Instead, students can complete coursework on their own time and at their own pace, wherever life takes them.

The Avila Difference

  • Service to Society

    We believe the world is unfinished and that our students will make responsible, lifelong contributions to the global community. Each year, our students volunteer more than 140,000 hours to community service projects.

  • Quality Academics

    We emphasize inclusive learning and embrace individuality.

  • Development of Leaders

    We believe the real strengths of leadership are in collaborative accomplishment and genuine caring.

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