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A Creative Approach to an MBA in Executive Leadership

When companies interview graduates with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, employers seek professionals with innovative soft skills such as creativity, problem-solving, effective communication, ingenuity, conflict management and leadership capabilities. Having a well-rounded skill set is important when it comes to business success. Professionals can apply these transferable skills to different roles in a wide range of professions.

An online MBA with a Concentration in Executive Leadership from Avila University can help graduates accelerate their growth into team-first leaders who can handle conflict and inject an innovative and positive influence on a business and with their peers. This online degree program prepares students to become successful leaders through critical analysis and strategy. As a result, graduates can conquer management and business hurdles, navigate challenges and develop greater awareness and confidence while strengthening interpersonal skills.

Prepare Grads for Success

Avila University takes an innovative approach to executive leadership MBA studies. This online program has concentration courses focusing on creativity and innovation, conflict management systems and leadership and influence processes. These topics build on core MBA studies to prepare graduates for success in high-level management and executive leadership positions. Students in this online program will learn to think critically, predict potential challenges, deal with high-stress situations, delegate tasks, communicate clearly and become better team players.

Some benefits of earning an MBA include a lucrative salary and knowledge in growing a business. Other benefits include gaining skills that evolve throughout a student’s time in the program and in the workforce, such as strategic thinking and analysis, networking, effective communication, time management, decision-making, leadership, creativity and innovation.

Below are some ways these qualities can help a business grow and maintain a competitive edge:

  • Creativity and innovation. Creativity in business matters. A recent McKinsey study showed a direct linkage between business performance and creativity, in that creative companies do better in innovation and financial performance than other organizations that don’t prioritize creativity. Creativity inspires innovation and leads to desirability and profit. As just one skill that business leaders can have, creativity can be used to generate opportunities, find solutions, motivate employees and improve workplace communication.
  • Conflict management. Leaders who embrace the principles of conflict management are most likely to solve disputes easily. Organizations that don’t have an organized system in place for conflict management often experience low employee morale and high turnover rates. Learning about preventing, diagnosing and intervening in employee disputes can stave off lawsuits, improve employee confidence and avoid turnover.
  • Leaders can acquire many skills to be effective in an online MBA program. Research by DDI has shown that MBA graduates have superior leadership skills compared to those without an advanced business degree. An MBA can teach students how to positively impact a company, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their opinions, think critically and work together with others in complex environments.

What Executive Leadership Means

Developing a portfolio of soft skills at Avila University is invaluable when it comes to landing a job and making a business successful. Effective leaders are careful listeners, have clear verbal skills, work well within a team, have a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, powerful communication skills and know how to troubleshoot and problem-solve. Avila University’s program emphasizes these capabilities.

An advanced business degree in executive leadership will give graduates the business and management knowledge to succeed in any number of industries and roles like senior manager, director, vice president, senior vice president and those in the C-suite.

Learn more about Avila University’s online MBA in Executive Leadership program.

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