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Learn the Difference Between Experimental and Non-Experimental Data With a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

Professionals in finance and multiple other industries use data for research in two ways: experimental and non-experimental. While experimental research is quantitative and uses controlled variables to test a hypothesis, non-experimental research is not quantitative and examines the changing variables that affect an event. There are advantages and disadvantages for each type of research, and finance professionals need to know how to collect and use each kind of research to make crucial decisions and further their careers.

The online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (B.B.A.) with a concentration in Finance program from Avila University can teach students how to employ real-life data to solve financial problems. This online program prepares students to pursue a wide range of potential careers with the finance, accounting, economics and quantitative methods covered in the degree coursework. In addition, students will gain problem-solving skills, learn about the functioning of financial institutions and gather relevant information from non-experimental and experimental data.

How Experimental and Non-Experimental Data Apply to the World of Finance

Experimental research is a scientific approach that manipulates control variables of the research subject or subjects and then measures the impact of the influence on the subject. Commonly used in social and physical science, business, information system and economic fields, this type of research traces the cause-and-effect correlations between defined factors. This form of research is applicable in finance when researching outcomes and how strategic interactions can impact new theories and market efficiency. By utilizing management tools and techniques to reach conclusions, finance professionals can gather information and experimental data to make solid financial decisions.

Experimental research benefits businesses that need quick and accurate results to make crucial financial decisions. This type of research can lead to innovative solutions or the development of new products since researchers can test various factors that would otherwise be difficult to control in a non-experimental environment.

Non-experimental research does not directly manipulate any factors. Alternatively, it examines naturally occurring variables without the act of experimenting on them. This kind of research will measure the variables as they genuinely occur. The goal of non-experimental research is to observe what inherently happens — a common type of research in business, economics and finance, since it would be challenging to maneuver and influence the overall variables. Non-experimental research requires minimal resources in a non-controlled setting. By gathering information that transpires naturally, the details will inform financial decisions.

Using research to study the influence of economic theories and how they can predict human and market behavior is an advantage for financial professionals. Analyzing interest rates, trading flows, price settings, information diffusion and market settings can offer intuitive interpretations of the data. Research in financial accounting can determine how specific accounting settings influence behavior and communication among financial professionals, managers and investors. How the information is interpreted can directly influence market outcomes.

About Avila’s Online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration in Finance Program

Graduates of Avila University’s online B.B.A. in Finance program will gain in-demand banking, investment and financial policy skills to make decisions and communicate financial information to others. Students use non-experimental and experimental data to develop conclusions through information and data-focused courses like Statistical Analysis and International Finance.

This online finance degree is excellent preparation for jobs like financial analyst, investor relations associate and credit analyst. Graduates will be prepared to analyze data using experimental and non-experimental strategies.

Learn more about Avila University’s online B.B.A. in Finance program.

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