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Benefits of Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Online

A company’s greatest assets are its people. In today’s marketplace, human resources (HR) professionals are more critical than ever in finding and attracting new talent. Individuals with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Human Resources can transition into several HR careers, hone the employee experience and become key contributors to a business’s success.

What HR Jobs Require a B.A. in Human Resources?

HR positions are available in nearly every industry, from manufacturing and healthcare to education and retail. Many companies have internal HR departments, usually with several employees, to handle hiring needs. However, recruiting firms and temporary staffing agencies also hire HR professionals.

Potential career pathways for graduates of a B.A. in Human Resources degree include:

Human resources generalist: A human resources generalist performs the day-to-day administrative tasks necessary to keep a company’s HR department operating efficiently. Primary responsibilities include writing job descriptions, creating policies and programs to support employees and business operations; recruiting and hiring; tracking employee performance and well-being; and maintaining regulatory compliance measures.

Talent acquisition specialist: In this more specialized role, HR professionals work closely with company leaders to identify staffing needs and determine hiring criteria. Talent acquisition specialists focus on identifying, screening and hiring talent to fill vacancies. They develop a pipeline of candidates from various outreach efforts, such as in-person hiring events, college visits and print and digital advertisements.

Benefits administrator: These individuals oversee a company’s benefits programs and design high-quality benefit plans to attract and retain talent. Depending on the company’s offerings, benefits may include a range of insurance plans (health, dental, vision, short- and long-term disability, worker’s compensation and life insurance), health savings accounts and retirement and profit-sharing plans. Benefits administrators monitor these programs and keep employees informed of changes so they can gain the most from their benefits.

Human resources manager: HR professionals who gain more experience in the field can advance their careers and become HR managers. This supervisory position oversees the functioning of the entire human resources department and its staff. HR managers work with executive leaders to create an overall hiring strategy and ensure the company’s employment practices meet state and federal guidelines. In addition, their expertise is instrumental in resolving sensitive employee issues, such as harassment investigations and exit interviews.

How Much Do HR Professionals Earn?

HR professionals have specialized yet versatile skill sets and expertise, and those who earn a bachelor’s degree are well positioned for above-average earning potential, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). For example, their generalized business management knowledge readily transfers to several industries. This flexibility in their training allows them to quickly adapt to an organization’s current trends, practices and technological tools.

Although salaries vary based on the industry and company size, BLS (May 2021) data indicates that the median annual salary for human resources specialists is $62K, with the top 10% of earners exceeding $108K. HR professionals who progress to the managerial level may earn a median income of $126K, with the top 10% exceeding $208K, BLS (May 2021) data shows. Individuals working in more specialized industries or tasked with recruiting highly skilled talent may receive more substantial wages, bonuses or commissions.

How Does an Online B.A. in Human Resources Program Work?

The online B.A. in Humans Resources degree program at Avila University makes it possible to earn an HR degree and advance your career while still earning a living or caring for your family. The online, asynchronous format offers students the flexibility to study whenever and wherever and take advantage of individualized support and attention from experienced faculty. Avila’s degree program affords students a convenient, efficient way to increase their knowledge and skills and apply those techniques through experiential learning.

Human resources is a fast-growing, high-demand field that is instrumental to the success of businesses. Individuals who are organized with an affinity for relationship-building and process improvement may do well in these roles. An online B.A. in Human Resources degree program can prepare students to navigate the complexities of a modern workforce using proven strategies to motivate and retain talent.

Learn more about Avila University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources program.

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