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Learn International Marketing Strategies at Avila University

International marketing is a tool to gain international customers for organizations that decide to offer their product or service in a country other than their own. As global reach for businesses grows with technological advancements, so do international marketing strategies. Graduates of Avila University’s online Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Marketing program possess the skills to anticipate and respond to international marketing efforts.

What Is International Marketing?

In a world where we can get anything delivered to our door with a few clicks of a keyboard, it may seem like all marketing is international marketing. However, marketing can be separated into two categories: domestic and international.

Domestic marketing is any campaign that targets the local community and home country of the product or service. International marketing has a global focus and is any campaign that targets diverse countries or regions.

International marketing matters for business because it opens up a wider market to increase sales. When done right, international marketing can drive a new customer base, increase relationships and improve the ability to get resources and materials.

International Marketing Challenges and Benefits

International marketing, like domestic marketing, comes with its own issues and advantages. A main challenge of international marketing is the difference in cultural factors and the time it takes to become educated on these topics. Much research goes into international marketing campaigns including language, customs and taboos, values, business norms and religious beliefs and celebrations. Due to the impact culture has on global marketing, marketers need to educate themselves about target audiences to use this knowledge to their advantage.

However, if an international marketing strategy is executed properly, a business will benefit from these efforts. HubSpot gives an example of a business that successfully markets its product globally: Red Bull.

Although Red Bull started in Austria, many U.S. citizens assume it’s a U.S. brand. This is because one of Red Bull’s international marketing campaigns is to host extreme sports events in other countries like the United Kingdom, Jordan and the U.S. Thanks to these events, Red Bull benefits from increased sales. According to Statista, Red Bull remains the top energy drink brand in the U.S. with 39.5% of the total market share.

Not all businesses can host international events on par with Red Bull’s, but there are strategies marketers can use to launch a successful global brand.

Strategies for Effective International Marketing

Domestic marketing is typically simpler to deploy than international because businesses can focus on a single market they understand well. However, there are strategies for businesses to break into international territories.

Sprout Social suggests exporting, franchising, licensing, piggybacking and joint ventures as potential marketing strategies. Once one is chosen, marketing professionals can use digital marketing to reach new audiences.

Since there are few restrictions on distributing digital content to audiences worldwide, digital marketing is an effective strategy for international marketing efforts. Common digital marketing strategies include social media platforms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising.

Understanding Global Markets: A Key Skill for Marketing Students

As global markets expand, brands should weigh their international marketing options to scale their business and reach a wider audience. However, marketers shouldn’t jump into international marketing without researching different cultures and strategies.

Avila University’s online B.A. in Marketing program offers an International Marketing course that teaches students about the different cultural circumstances of global markets, how to find and act on global market opportunities and how to create future global marketing strategies using their knowledge of current international marketing trends.

Learn more about Avila University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Marketing program.

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