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What Jobs Can I Get With a Master of Arts in Management in Marketing Concentration?

Professionals with sound management experience and training are prepared for jobs in many industries — not just business. Management skills encompass a person’s ability to guide others, communicate with various parties, lead with integrity and empathy, implement strategies and monitor success. Strengths in these areas apply to nearly every field, and those with a passion for marketing can use their management and marketing skills together.

An online Master of Arts (M.A.) in Management with a concentration in Marketing creates many career opportunities for graduates. Given the expanse of knowledge they gain (in areas including leadership, research, planning, strategy and marketing), the versatility of this degree results in a well-rounded skill set in high demand across a range of exciting professions.

Here we take a brief look at a representative sampling of career opportunities for graduates of an online M.A. Management – Marketing program, such as that offered by Avila University. Graduates can pursue a handful of jobs with varying responsibilities. The average annual salaries provided are as of February 2023:

Marketing Communications Manager ($115,406)

A marketing communications (marcom) manager oversees and executes the communication strategies and programs that promote a company or its products and services and create a desirable brand image. Their primary role is to develop and implement integrated marketing communication campaigns across channels to reach target audiences and drive awareness, engagement and loyalty.

Marcom managers have day-to-day responsibilities that include the following:

  • Create and manage content and distribution of promotional materials through various traditional and digital channels.
  • Choose appropriate platforms, channels and methods of communication delivery.
  • Ensure that themes, messaging and experiences are unified and cohesive across channels and communication materials.
  • Track and analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and communications.
  • Work with cross-functional stakeholders in product management, sales and customer service to ensure consistent branding and experiences across touchpoints.

Brand Manager ($102,416)

This role is responsible for managing and shaping a company’s brand identity, including how current and potential customers perceive a brand. The role of a brand manager is to build and maintain a strong, positive brand image that increases customer demand and loyalty.

Specific responsibilities of a brand manager may include:

  • Monitor marketing trends, conduct market research and track the competitive landscape to determine brand positioning.
  • Develop and implement brand attributes, initiatives and messaging.
  • Create and manage the production of marketing and advertising campaigns, product packaging and website content to ensure brand desirability and consistency.
  • Monitor customer feedback to uphold a positive brand image and make recommendations for improvement when necessary.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams — such as product management, marketing communications and sales — to ensure a consistent brand experience.

Digital Marketing Manager ($122,493)

This position is responsible for defining, developing and executing digital marketing strategies to promote a company or its products and services and to reach and engage with target audiences through digital channels such as the internet, social media and mobile applications.

A digital marketing manager’s specific day-to-day duties typically include:

  • Utilize a variety of marketing tactics to drive website traffic, including email marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.
  • Ensure that the digital marketing plan aligns with the overall marketing and business strategy, as well as the product and service brands.
  • Determine key performance indicators and track, measure and analyze data from digital marketing efforts to drive continuous improvement in campaign performance.

Corporate Communications Manager ($118,200)

This position leads the corporate communications team and manages a corporation’s internal and external image via communications to employees, stakeholders, consumers and the public. A PR role, the corporate communications manager develops programs that promote the organization through many channels, from speeches to employees to advertising and marketing campaigns to the community.

Some of the responsibilities of this position include:

  • Develop positioning for the company’s mission, employee benefits programs, community involvement, products and services.
  • Oversee the production of content that communicates the positioning for company initiatives.
  • Ensure that messaging is unified, coherent and effective across communication channels.
  • Prepare and deliver internal and external presentations to organizational stakeholders.

Public Relations Director ($117,525)

Many types of organizations employ this position, from corporations to government agencies. The role is charged with building and maintaining a positive image for the organization and establishing relationships with contacts in the media and public interest groups to maximize public reach and frequency of messaging.

A public relations director’s specific duties typically include:

  • Act as an organizational spokesperson by delivering speeches, holding press conferences and managing a team to prepare publications, reports, press releases and other vital communications.
  • Work with company personnel to manage public image and coach leaders to communicate more effectively with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Direct the implementation of programs that uphold a positive organizational image.

Management skills are valuable across teams and industries, from HR to PR to marketing. Graduates of an advanced management degree program will gain high-demand skills that equip them for success.

If you can communicate and collaborate effectively and want to make an impact in your career as a marketing or communications leader, Avila University’s M.A. in Management with a concentration in Marketing online can open up a wide range of rewarding career opportunities to maximize your talents.

Learn more about Avila University’s M.A. Management – Marketing online program.

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