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Career Opportunities With a Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management

Healthcare management is the overall administration and coordination of a healthcare facility, such as a hospital or a clinic. A healthcare manager makes sure the daily operations of a healthcare organization run smoothly and meets the needs of the community it serves.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare management positions are in high demand. The projected job growth outlook through 2031 is 28% — faster than average for all other occupations.

An online Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management from Avila University helps students become effective administrators or managers in any type of healthcare setting with practical, real-world experience and knowledge. The convenient online coursework prepares students for the demands and challenges of the healthcare field in many different roles within hospital or clinical settings.

Top Career Options for Healthcare Management Graduates

Avila University’s online degree program trains students for various roles within the field of healthcare management. From improving daily operations in a medical facility to managing medical teams to coordinating patient care, healthcare managers are responsible for collaborating with medical staff and overseeing daily operations.

With strong job growth and competitive salaries, healthcare management positions are attractive for those who want to work in healthcare without patient interaction. With a range of responsibilities, healthcare managers can find a career as a nursing home facilitator, healthcare clinic manager, hospital administrator and more. Healthcare management jobs are not limited to hospitals, clinics or private practices — they can also be in public health centers, colleges, universities, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies.

Below are some of the more popular careers for those with a Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management:

Healthcare Clinic Management

Healthcare clinics are smaller than hospitals and provide treatment and services to patients. A clinic manager oversees and plans patient care, prepares the budget, hires new staff, schedules employees, maintains medical records, oversees billing, implements policies, manages financial operations and organizes clinical training. They ensure the clinic is running smoothly and the business is properly organized. The average annual salary for entry-level clinic management roles is $70,361 annually

Assisted Living Administration

Assisted living facilities help people with minimal medical needs and focus on socialization and personal and mental health. An assisted living manager creates a positive living environment, assists with scheduling and budgeting and approves patient dietary plans. They are typically the first point of contact with residents and their families. The average pay for an entry-level position in assisted living administration is $59,772 per year.

Hospital Administration

Hospital administrators ensure the entire hospital runs smoothly and abides by current laws and professional guidelines. They manage departments, develop budgets, hire staff, communicate with investors and stakeholders and sometimes conduct employee evaluations. Entry-level hospital administration positions can make approximately  $66,000 per year.

About Avila University’s Online Healthcare Management Degree Program

This online degree program covers foundational business topics and introduces legal, human resources, marketing and financial aspects of healthcare facilities and services. Students will complete an internship that synthesizes what they’ve learned with hands-on, real-world experience.

With courses such as Healthcare for Special Populations, Financing the Healthcare Organization, Legal Aspects of Healthcare, Healthcare Policy and Managed Care, Healthcare Marketing and Human Resources in Healthcare, this 100% online degree program prepares students for many different roles in healthcare management depending on their interests, passions and specialties.

Learn more about Avila University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management program.

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